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Super Soco to unveil Four Electric Bikes on 23rd February

Super Soco TC Wanderer
Super Soco TC Wanderer

Only a few more hours before Super Soco announces its 2021 EV lineup. The range will consist of, alongside a prototype, three new electric motorcycles. Of the three upcoming e-motorcycles, the TC Wanderer and TS Street Hunter have already been teased by Super Soco. The semi-digital display of the TC Wanderer showed 198km of range with the battery charged up to 100 percent, following its teaser. The Super Soco TC Wanderer would have one of the largest ranges for any electric motorcycle in production if the statements are valid.


The upcoming retro-inspired electric motorcycle, the TC Wanderer, was teased by Super Soco, and the EV is likely to live up to its reputation. The company could soon also launch its first large-capacity electric motorcycle. 


Vmoto, a Super Soco-owned Australian EV brand, recently posted a video featuring the Super Soco TC Wanderer on its YouTube channel and there is quite a little interesting information about the upcoming electric motorcycle.


First, with 198km of range left on its analog-digital monitor, the TC wanderer showed a 100 percent battery charge. A maximum range of 130km is provided by the latest TC lineup, 65km less than the upcoming TC Wanderer. The TC Wanderer might have one of the longest ranges for a production electric two-wheeler if the 198km range argument turns out to be valid.


Although the present TC e-motorcycle in Europe costs $ 4,000 (approximately Rs 2.91 lakh), due to its impressive range, the TC Wanderer could be priced higher. However, given the import bans from China and the still-developing EV infrastructure in our region, it is not coming to India any time soon.


Super Soco’s designers seem to have drawn influence from the previous-gen Yamaha MT-09 as far as the TS Street Hunter is concerned. This means that it is likely to be Super Soco’s first electric motorcycle with large size. Split LED lights and a beefy front fork are featured.


So, now what about the concept and the third model? Honestly, that’s a well-kept Super Soco secret and no details, teaser, or pictures have surfaced yet. The MotoGP rider who will be announcing the new range of electric motorcycles is another mystery aspect.

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