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Production by MG Hector exceeds 50,000 units

MG Hector
MG Hector

MG Motor India reported that the Hector production has passed the country’s 50,000 units milestone mark. The MG Hector is the first offering of the brand to the Indian market, which has reported impressive sales figures in the nation to cement the brand.


An all-women team has developed the landmark SUV rolled-out from the brand’s facility in Vadodara, Gujurat. While celebrating diversity with women leading end-to-end development, the initiative has produced a new benchmark.


Women-only teams have been involved in panel pressing of sheet metal and welding operations for painting jobs in this first-of-its-kind production. They also carry out the post-production test runs of the production line rolling out of the SUV.


It has an industry-leading 33 percent share of women in its workforce at the brand’s state-of-the-art production facility in Halol, Gujarat. Across all company roles, female professionals work alongside their male counterparts.


The business strives to reach 50 percent gender diversity in its organization in the future and pave the way for a diverse workforce to foster women’s workforce and gender neutrality. The brand has worked closely with the local panchayats near its Halol manufacturing plant since its inception, as its core focus field. Doing so has inspired more young women to work at the MG plant in a stable and healthy atmosphere.


For various workshops, MG’s state-of-the-art Halol production facility is further fitted with Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). In the Body Shop for Robotic Brazing, the Paint Shop for Robotic Primer and Top Coating, and the GA Shop for Robotic Glass Glazing, the automaker uses RPA. Both men and women can operate the machinery with fair competency with proper preparation.


Speaking on growth, Rajeev Chaba, MG Motor India President & Managing Director, said¬† “MG has always been a progressive brand with diversity, community, innovation, and experiences as our cornerstones. We believe that it is something that has broadened our perspective as a brand and unlocked efficiencies in every aspect of our business operations.” He further added, “The rollout of our 50,000th Hector by an all-women crew comes as an honor to their contributions and hard work. It also demonstrates that glass ceilings no longer exist even in an erstwhile male-dominated industry such as automobile manufacturing. We believe that it will inspire more women to join the automotive industry in India and abroad.”

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