Friday, September 17

Mercedes new W12 F1 car unveiled: expecting to set a new record by becoming the eighth team to win two World Championships in a row

Mercedes has dominated the Formula One landscape for the past seven years, creating one beast of a vehicle after another, making the W12 the most significant car in the busy launch cycle since it serves as a benchmark for others.

Mercedes W12 F1
Mercedes W12 F1
  • The front wing is essentially the same as in 2020, but it’s worth remembering how much the endplate is lent over in order to get as much airflow as possible flowing over and around the front tire (blue arrow).
  • For 2021, the front brake ducts have been greatly widened, with their total width expanded and the L-shape configuration from the previous season inverted (red arrow).
  • The region ahead of the sidepods has been modified as normal, with the forward-most feature in the bargeboard cluster (blue arrow, below) being raised, while the rest of the cluster has morphed incrementally according to the car’s new aerodynamic leanings.
  • In the team’s render, there’s a small canard fixed on the chassis behind the rear leg of the upper wishbone (red arrow) that wasn’t present on the physical car – a unique feature we’ve seen before from Mercedes dual launch strategy.

The W12 appears to be a neat reworking of a classic, with the team already unveiling some intriguing new design cues while holding some of their more critical decisions close to their chest.

After all, they don’t want to give their competitors an advantage in knowing them and implementing similar solutions on their cars in time for the season’s first race.

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