Monday, September 20

Latest news for Tesla

latest news for tesla
Latest news for Tesla

Elon Musk agreed with some scathing criticism of Tesla Inc. vehicles in a new interview and advised against buying Tesla vehicles during a ramp-up in production.

The interview with an engineering consultant, Sandy Munro, even for an extraordinarily candid CEO like Musk, aired on the “Munro Live” YouTube channel and podcast on Tuesday.

When asked about quality control problems, Musk had a very straight answer: ‘It took us a while to sort of iron out the production process.’ He also added that his friends ask him,’ When am I supposed to buy a Tesla?’ To which, Elon Musk replies, ‘Well, either buy it right at the beginning or when the production reaches a steady state. During that production ramp, it’s super hard to be in vertical climb mode and get everything right on the little details’.

Paint problems also arose in December, Musk said, in the push to produce as many vehicles as possible before the end of the year.

For future buyers, it could be a problem as Tesla TSLA plans to open new factories in Texas and Germany by -2.07 percent in the coming months, and to begin production by the end of the year of the Cybertruck pickup and the Semi-large rig.


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