India Not Following Real Innovation In Technology

Even though India is emerging as a big tech world, it still lacks Real Innovation In Technology. We have over a million apps (owned by foreign companies), and no innovation from our end. Despite the hype around technology, India ranks 48 out of 135 in terms of the global innovation index. This is quite behind considering the number of engineering passions we have in the country.

Indian companies earned around $9.3 billion in the year 2020. Some of the biggest earners were startups in the food delivery and hotel industry. Among them, two reached the billion-dollar valuation, one was an online retailer and an online baby products company.

Touchscreen smartphone with cloud of colorful application icons isolated on white background

Launch of Samsung Galaxy A52 and A72 In March

Cute technology in India

So what is exactly cute technology? and how it has relevance in the Indian market?

Cute technology uses innovation to repackage an old idea and present you as a new one digitally. The innovation lies in the mode of business done rather than the product. For example, taking any homemade bakery products online. Even the much acclaimed IT segment is also affected by such lack of Real Innovation In Technology. Exploiting the engineering graduates with hourly paid jobs neither provides stability nor adds any worth.



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