Monday, September 20

The Supreme court calls for compulsory screening of ‘’OTT’’ content


The supreme court on Thursday calls for compulsory screening of ‘’OTT’’ content on online platforms. as like amazon prime video and Netflix in India. The Supreme court says, they were screaming pornography in their movies in some cases. 

The court said the internet platform is to show the movies. thus,  they cannot scream pornography in the name of movies for that matter. They added that regulations to ensure the pre-screening of movies by OTT. 


 A bench headed by Justice Ashok Bhushan said,

  “Now watching movies on the internet and OTT has become common. We  are of the view there must be some screening,” 

The bench also comprising justice RS reddy said, 

  “A balance has to be struck as some OTT platforms are also showing pornographic materials on their platforms,” 

The court was hearing the plea by the head of the amazon prime video Aparna Purohit, who has challenged the Ahmedabad high court in the case of the web series – Tandav. which has multiple FIRs in the name of hurting religious sentiments. Thus, the Allahabad high court has rejected their plea on 25th February. 

Justice Bhushan suggested adds ‘’watching porn on online platforms is the norm nowadays. There must be some regulations to scream such content. 

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Hence, Amazon has deleted controversial references in the web series. also issues multiple public apologies in social media and their prints.

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