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Introduction to Google EAT Algorithm

 As we are involved in the internet world, the correct and appropriate information becomes our first concern, like whether we are getting the accurate information. There is a compulsion of authoritativeness in every content that Google is providing us. In 2013, Google published the document to monitor the quality of Google search. They introduced E-A-T, derived from Google’s search quality rater guidelines, that provides some Google EAT guidelines. Expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness is Google EAT algorithm full form. 

google eat algorithm

Hence, E-A-T is a tool to measure a particular website’s authority which a customer is using. So, to provide a better user experience, it only promotes only the authorized websites. We can say that the Google EAT algorithm is the ranking factor of any website, as the E-A-T concept and Google search quality guidelines are near associated. But on the other hand, we can’t consider it as an individual ranking factor. There are plenty of things which does matter.

A small brief to Google EAT Algorithm

Before we go on any further discussion, a brief clue will be helpful to understand the Google EAT algorithm more easily:-

EXPERTISE: The content creator should be qualified enough to update the content or have experience in that area. E.g., if any person has had psoriasis for a long time, so he may write about it. Also, if he had done any dermatology studies, he is eligible to provide the information because he will relate more easily to the readers than any under qualified person. We call these sites YMYL (your money your life)as these sites can drastically impact a person if the content is not pleasing and accurate.

AUTHORITY: Reputation or recognition of a particular website is necessary to make users stay as nobody wants to go through some low-quality content or non recognized websites. Like if you’re going to know about anything, you open Wikipedia without a second thought in your mind. This is what we called authority that your customer know your worth and they will stick to you.

TRUSTWORTHINESS:- authority resembles trust as they are not too different from each other. When there is authority, there will be trust eventually. To build up your users’ trust, you need to update your website regularly and it becomes most crucial in the YMYL topics. So, if there is expertise and authority, the trust will be there automatically.

What is E-A-T SEO?

 Google E-A-T algorithm is a new acronym of SEO. It is an essential factor because it provides you the desirable and authorized content. Suppose if you are looking for some Bollywood actor photographs on Google, then it’s no big deal for Google to show in its search results. For instance, when it comes to any serious issue regarding any medical condition or disease, it becomes the risking factor for Google as it can’t let you in any unauthorized website undoubtedly. All three keywords of E-A-T becomes the priority as it can impact any person mentally, emotionally. For such content, Google cannot take you in an unofficial page that might be written by any nonqualified person as the chances of misleading and inaccuracy increases.

What is the Google E-A-T score?

There is no E-A-T score. And it is confirmed that there is no such internal score or YMYL score for the Google E-A-T algorithm. Not only do Google’s algorithms not assign an E-A-T score, but neither do quality raters, who analyze E-A-T in their evaluation, directly after ranking of any individual website.

How to implement Google E-A-T guidelines?

Firstly you have to be determined with your work. And gain expertise in any area needs a lot of effort and improvement as well concerning time.

Here, there are some easily applicable tips to follow the Google E-A-T guidelines:-

  • Good quality content:- Google E-A-T doesn’t mean only traffic and people’s attention or keyword research but good quality content. Everything is secondary but the initial thing is to write according to the audience. Better know your audience, one of the excellent tools for this is observation, like what people will relate to more. And being honest and transparent with your website or blog is the first responsibility. And when there is good content, a good outcome will open your door.

Recognition of the creator:- one of the crucial guidelines of Google E-A-T is who is behind the content. only authority and expertise will not fulfill the demands as mentioned earlier that 

  • Google E-A-T is not only the ranking factor. There should be complete information about the person behind the words and can be implemented by updating the creator experience, qualification, and testimonials, just like a profile we make on a social media platform. There is nothing wrong as you will recognize as a reputed person.
  • Re-evaluate your content:- it will be the cherry on the cake if you do regular evaluations to your site. By doing some Google SEO checklist, a good result can be gain. So, in short, it’s all about increasing site quality, with continued updates when some content seems disagreeable.


We conclude that we need to build a pre strategy to keep things in control of all these Google EAT algorithm guidelines. Like whatever we do, we in this field not only impact us but the readers who will read it. And it is good to be done in your style. And the main thing is to improve continuously as much as you can. For a better user experience, we need to relate to the guidelines provided by Google E-A-T. Giving accurate details of the creator the results will be great as people will find it more trustworthy.

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