Cyberattack Puts Ukrainian Banks in Jeopardy Amid Russia-Ukraine War


For the past few days, Russia and Ukraine have been at odds, and Russia has now declared a military operation against Ukraine.

This war between these two countries is also being waged in cyberspace. Russia is also launching cyber attacks on Ukraine on a regular basis. Let’s find out everything there is to know about it.

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Ukraine Has Been Warned About A Cyber Attack

  • According to a recent report, Russia has begun cyber attacks on Ukraine’s government websites, online banking platforms, and other institutions.
  • Ukraine claims that they received a warning last week that there would be cyber attacks in the coming days and that this has occurred.
  • Russia has been blamed for the attacks in Ukraine.

The Government’s And Parliament’s Websites Were Also Attacked

  • According to a new Reuters report, Ukraine has been subjected to yet another cyber attack. The websites of all banks, the defense sector, and government agencies were all targeted in this attack.
  • According to a separate media report, the Ukrainian Parliament’s website has also been marked.
  • The connection to Ukraine’s government website is also breaking off regularly, as per NetBlocks, a program that checks Internet obstruction.

Cyberattack Conducted By Russia

  • All of this means that Russia is not lagging behind in both military and cyber-attacks.
  • Ukraine’s government and bank websites are repeatedly targeted.
  • According to an Economist report, intelligence gathering is taking place with the help of this cyberattack, which can aid military operations and be used on the battlefield.
  • Ukraine’s crucial civilian infrastructure is also being targeted by this cyberwar.
  • These events clearly indicate that Russia has entered the war zone and is fully prepared to fight in both the real and virtual worlds.

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