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International Women’s Day 2021: What Actually is Feminism 

The international women’s day is celebrated across the world on march 8 every year. Women’s day 2021 is the celebration of women’s achievements and their dignity. 

Women’s day 2021 is a bit different in keeping the view of Covid-19. 

Despite the challenges and boundations of society women have shown their potential in every field. As there is a saying that “Freedom lies in being bold”. Being bold doesn’t mean to be inhuman, but to stand out for your own rights and dignity.  

As we see all around, there are enough cases when women showed her potential in a risky situation. 

When we talk about feminism, then we focus on the gender, but feminism is beyond the gender. Feminism is not giving the women respect and dignity or to treat them as a special person. But it is about accepting the fact that they already have those things, and males, society or anyone can’t disrespect those values of women. 

You are no one to allow her to study, to wear any dress, to hang out with her friends or to have a relationship with a guy. Equality is the primary ingredient of a woman’s dignity. 


A woman is equal to her husband and a daughter is equal to his brother. There is no difference in two, but only the difference of  mentality. 

On this Women’s day, don’t think about what gift you should give to your wife or girlfriend, but think about how you can make her equal to you in all decisions and all situations in your life. How can you involve her in every aspect of your life, without thinking of her as weak. 

Pamper her, but don’t make her feel that she is needy of someone to make her complete or happy. Make her feel that she is beautiful in the way she is. She is able to do everything. Rather than giving her chocolates and gifts, give her time and listen to what she thinks, feel and want. That is the real gift for every woman, trust me. 



The first women’s day was celebrated in 1911 as a result of the international conference of working women. 

It is celebrated across the world as a festival for women’s achievements in social, economic, cultural and many other fields. 


Theme of  women’s day 2021

This year the theme of international women’s day is “ women leadership: achieving an equal future in Covid-19 world”.  


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