Monday, September 20

Second Phase of the Covid-19 Vaccination

second phase of the covid-19New 13,742 Covid-19 cases and 104 deaths are added to the list, updated by the Union Health Ministry. With this, the total count of Covid-19 cases hiked to 1,10,30,176, and total deaths to 1,56,567.


As per the reports declared by the Union Health Ministry, within 24 hours 16, 738 new Covid-19 cases and 138 deaths have been reported. About 90% of new coronavirus cases listed. After the first dosage of the covid-19 vaccination, the center announced the second phase of the Covid-19 vaccination on Wednesday, and the boost of these vaccines will begin on March 1

The said vaccination is for the citizens aged above 60 years and for those who are above 45 years.

The vaccination will be convenient for free at 10,000-odd government healthcare facilities. Those vaccines supplied at first to boost immunity and stop coronavirus were so far successful and stood up to the expectations. Though in the beginning, people had some allergies post getting vaccinated. But things were fine later.

May this second phase of vaccination spreads its magic of saving lives and makes the countries corona-free.

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