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Garbage Cleaning using Blockchain in India

The journey of plastic from end product to end product is a long process. There is a number of processes including collectors, processing centers, and types of refusal.  US government is trying to incorporate garbage cleaning using blockchain technology to make a transparent process.

Blockchain, a decentralized ledger for keeping records, can handle a huge amount of data. Moreover, it is nearly impossible to forge data stored in the form of a ledger. many of the applications of blockchain are in the early stages. Blockchain is used in innovative fields like banking and real estate to now waste management.

Crypto for garbage cleaning

An Entrepreneur named Ivan Zubilewicz from Argentina created crypto to improve local waste. The cryptocurrency Jellycoin,  scheduled to release this month built on the process of blockchain.

Garbage Cleaning using Blockchain in India

An App in the making

A similar effort is taken in Bengaluru, India, a community-driven group called CITAG (Citizen Involved & Technology-Assisted Governance).

“We have a lot of issues with solid waste management, so we wanted to look at how to use blockchain technology to introduce a grievance redressal mechanism,” says Shobha Ananda Reddy, CITAG’s secretary, and an environmental scientist.

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Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike has an app, where people can submit complaints in case of waste queries. For example, if garbage is not picked up or public areas are overflowing with garbage. Everything is in the papers right now, but the government believes it will bring drastic changes to keep the city clean.

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